The role of physiotherapy:

Physiotherapy is used as a tool for patients by supporting rehabilitation before surgery, after surgery, and for those pursuing a non-surgical approach. Physiotherapists are trained to assist patients with therapy and exercises that can alleviate symptoms, reduce swelling, increase range of motion, improve strength, and more. The use of a physiotherapist helps to ensure that exercises are carried out in a safe manner and that appropriate exercises are performed. It will also help to ensure that rehab progresses along the expected trajectory. For certain conditions, Dr. Murnaghan will provide a protocol for your physiotherapist, outlining the timeline for exercises. Remember that your rehab activities are as important as the surgery itself in ensuring a good outcome. Exercise and rehabilitation is essential for success after surgery.  It is also important to speak to your physiotherapist about home exercises which should be done between physiotherapy sessions, and once you have finished attending formal physiotherapy.

Paying for physiotherapy:

Physiotherapy does cost money, and it is generally not covered by OHIP. Extended health insurance plans often cover some of the costs of physiotherapy, and Dr. Murnaghan will provide you with a physiotherapy prescription at your appointment or surgery. Individuals under the age of 19 are also eligible for physiotherapy covered by OHIP at a number of designated physiotherapy clinics. There are certain other specific conditions which also warrant OHIP coverage for physiotherapy. All the details can be found on the following website.

Finding a physiotherapist:

It is your responsibility as a patient to find yourself a physiotherapist. Dr. Murnaghan will provide you with a prescription, but will not refer you to a specific therapist. The best physiotherapist is one that you can have a therapeutic connection with and that you’ll actually go to. Therefore, the most important factors in choosing a physiotherapist are fit and location. Choose a clinic that’s close to home, that’s easy to get to, that has practical hours of operation for your lifestyle, and that’s a good fit for your personality and promotes a positive recovery atmosphere.


If you’re having trouble finding a physiotherapist, here are some recommendations:

Adam Brown

Cornerstone Physiotherapy
2 Carlton St., Suite 1800
Toronto, ON, M5B 1J3