The following is some general information about what to do prior to surgery:

Prior to surgery, make sure you are continuing with the rehab exercises or physiotherapy as outlined by Dr. Murnaghan. Because you are going to lose strength and range of motion following surgery, you want to go into surgery with as much strength and range of motion as possible. Try to avoid any activities that will lead to excessive swelling immediately prior to surgery.

When you book your surgery in Dr. Murnaghan’s clinic, you may be asked to have some bloodwork done before surgery. This can be done at your family doctor, at another clinic, or at the hospital. You will also have to visit a doctor prior to surgery to have a pre-operative form filled out. This form outlines your medical history, medication use, and more.

Remember that you cannot eat or drink after midnight the night before your surgery. You can shower or bathe normally the night before or morning of surgery; no other special preparations are required.

If you take any medications, your doctor will tell you which ones to take and which ones to stop before surgery.

You should start to think about who can accompany you to surgery and take you home afterwards. You may also want to think about staying with friends or family, or having friends or family stay with you for at least the first night after surgery.