Who are we

Dr. Murnaghan is an orthopaedic surgeon who practices in Toronto.
He specializes in paediatric orthopaedics with a sub-specialty interest in athletic injuries and the use of arthroscopy in the management of a wide spectrum of pathologies. Dr. Murnaghan’s main area of clinical interest is the orthopaedic care of athletic injuries in the paediatric, adolescent and collegiate athlete and is very involved with the varsity sports program at the University of Toronto. Dr. Murnaghan also operates on general pediatric orthopaedic and trauma cases at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids).

The whole practice encompasses a team of health care professionals including both surgical and non-surgical orthopaedic physicians, physiotherapists, and trainees such as fellows, residents and medical students. All of these people work together to provide you with complete care for your injury.


Medical practice

We are one unified practice which encompasses three clinical practices in Toronto; a general paediatric orthopaedic practice at SickKids, an adolescent and young adult sports medicine practice at Women’s College Hospital, and a collegiate practice at the MacIntosh Sports Medicine Clinic at the University of Toronto.  Each clinic reflects the particular needs of the patient, but all offer the same services and quality of care provided by our team of healthcare professionals.

Our practice is unique in that it is tailored to the specific needs of the pediatric, adolescent and collegiate athlete. We aim to offer complete care for our patients ranging from physiotherapy and bracing to surgical intervention.

In conjunction with offering excellent patient care, our practice is also closely associated with the medical education program at the University of Toronto. We are devoted to education at the medical student, resident and fellowship level, and learners are actively involved in all aspects of the practice, including clinical and surgical care.